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Habitat Mapping of Flatfish Populations

(Chair: Olivier Le Pape)

2nd November, 14:00 - Hotel SANA Sesimbra


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Habitat Mapping of Flatfish Populations

Case study - Habitat suitability for the juvenile common sole (Solea solea, L.), in the Bay of Biscay (France). A quantitative description using indicators based on physical factors.

Variation of habitat suitability for juvenile common sole will be tested according to physical factors, notably bathymetry and sediment structure. Descriptors of physical factors and benthic fauna will be used in generalized linear models (GLM) of habitat suitability in order to characterize the distribution of juvenile common sole.

During the workshop model analysis will provide a reliable method to develop indicators of nursery habitat suitability from trawl survey data.

An overview on the use of such models to develop habitat suitability indexes and for habitat modelling will be done, namely:

- Overview of alternate methodologies for modelling habitat suitability

- Develop quantitive maps of nursery habitat

- Model improvement through the introduction of new variables, e.g. benthic fauna.


Personal laptop required.

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Oliver Le Pape

Agrocampus Rennes

Laboratoire d'écologie Halieutique

Rennes, France





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