Symposium Programme


The 7th International Flatfish Symposium will explore the topic of environmental changes effects on flatfish productivity.

Environmental changes occur at global and local scales, with climate and anthropogenic impacts, such as fishing or habitat alterations, acting simultaneously. There is much debate on their effect on ecosystem changes and fisheries productivity. The range and degree of these impacts will vary with species and community characteristics according to specific regional conditions.

Flatfish populations have complex life cycles comprising a variety of life history stages, differing in their sensitivity for climate effects and habitat requirements. They sustain several commercially important fisheries and play a key role in marine ecosystems functioning with recent management plans also focusing on ecosystem quality and biodiversity conservation.

The symposium aims to establish a programme of exceptional scientific content promoting a platform for discussion towards an effective management of flatfish populations.





The main themes of the 7th IFS are:

 - Impacts of climate change on flatfish populations

 - Fisheries and aquaculture related impacts on flatfish stocks

 - Impacts of habitat modifications on flatfishes

 - Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

 - Ecosystem management