Sessions & Themes


The following sessions will be held at the 7th IFS, with several topics suggested for each each session and associated keywords highlighted.

Each session will consist of one or more keynote lectures; oral and poster presentations.


Impacts of climate change on flatfish populations

    a) Patterns of change

Temporal and spatial patterns in flatfish distributions.


    b) Processes

Individuals: Fish responses to change; fish physiology, response and tolerances (resilience) of individuals; adaptation and processes oriented approach (mechanisms of adaptation); fish individual behaviour.

Ecosystem: Changes in productivity through the trophic web; bentho-pelagic coupling; hydrodynamics (changes in wind fields, stratification, etc).


Fisheries and aquaculture related impacts on flatfish stocks

Impacts on stock and stock structure;  impacts on habitats; impacts of stocking and genetic effects.


Impacts of habitat modifications on flatfishes

Impacts of habitat changes; changes in habitat structure and function through eutrophication, coastal engineering, pollution, etc.


Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

Causes for spatial and temporal variability; nursery function; keystone species; biodiversity; population genetics and flatfish systematics.


Ecosystem management

Impact of global change on management; management tools; marine and estuarine protected areas; recovery/rebuilding plans; conservation efforts and strategies and flatfishes as environmental indicators.